Tin House's latest issue pulls together contributors from both Portland and Brooklyn, which are apparently different places on different coasts. (Who knew?) But you don't have to do all that fancy word-readin' to enjoy Tin House's labor. They've made a Portland-Brooklyn mixtape, which is perfect for illiterates, non-English speakers, and lazybones like yourself.

Liz Harris (Grouper) curated the Portland bands (which include Golden Retriever, Ilyas Ahmed, Operative, and more), while music writer and former Titus Andronicus guitarist Amy Klein and her Hilly Eye bandmate Catherine Tung did the Brooklyn bands. You can download and stream it here, and you should go do that, because music is fun and cool.

Tin House celebrates the new issue with tomorrow night's event at Holocene with readings from the issue and musical performances by Cloaks and Golden Retriever.