Brainstorm were out of town when their Heat Waves album was released last week—and they're still on a nationwide tour that won't bring them home until next month. But in lieu of a hometown record release show, here's the video for opening track "Flat Earth," a re-recorded version of a track that was an A-side of a single Brainstorm released last year. This new version sees the band's expanded three-piece lineup with bassist Tamara Barnes, and video was directed by Nurses' James Mitchell and Brainstorm's Adam Baz. As we embark on the first long stretch of real rain we've had around here for months, let this sunny, tropical tinged song roar like a fire from your computer screen. (But if actual fire comes out of your computer screen, perhaps you should call 911.)

Brainstorm play a hometown show on December 1 at the Doug Fir.