Contention: Astoria is the number-one Oregon coast destination for Portland residents, in part because it is turning into a miniaturized parallel Portland universe. Proof: We have Cargo, they have mini-Cargo. We have the Ace Hotel, they have the Commodore. We have the Rebuilding Center, they have Vintage Hardware. We have People's, they have Astoria Cooperative. And while the whole coast is choked with antique stores, Astoria has a higher number of indie boutiques and shops that are closer to vintage than thrift. Saturday Market? Yeah they got that too, along with at least one microbrewery and at least one sketchy strip club. And so on.

The latest: Greg Glover and Alana Jevert's—Glover hosts KNRK's Alternative Mornings and Jevert is a high school teacher/tarot reader/wardrobe and makeup stylist/costume designer—Commercial Astoria. Read all about it here.