The Walking Dead Chitty-Chat Club!


They cut Comic Book Men down to a half-hour which now makes it way, WAY better than this awful show.
man, i stopped into one of the bars in my new neighborhood last night, and this shit was playing on all of the screens, with the volume LOUD and the 15ish spectators enthralled.

then, immediately after, there was a shitty talk show recapping the episode -- unbelievable. (though, i must admit: i did like the 'in memoriam' bit.)

over my head, i guess.

next sunday, i'll try the place a few doors down.
What this show needs to do is kill everyone off each season and start with a new cast. The characters are so unlikable, the drama is so contrived -- I don't think I've ever rolled my eyes more.

On the other hand, a new episode of the excellent Walking Dead game for Xbox came out last week. I have no reason to keep plugging it except that it's great.
I think the show runners must have either agreed with, or are pandering to, the millions of people who rightly bitched that Season 2 was all talk and no zombies. So, to start Season 3, they have an opening scene with NO talk and ALL zombies. Also dog food. I like where this is going.

BUT it's apparent that none of the gang had played any zombie video games before the world ended, because if they had they would have known that an enclosed prison yard full of zombies does not need to be shot at. If you have a barrier and a sharp stick you can leave that puppy holstered. Then they could have spent the afternoon simply calling the zombies over to the fence one-by-one to poke holes in them rather than using the very ammo that they later complain that they're running low on.

However, that episode was still more awesome than the "Walking Dead: Farmville Edition" shenanigans.

Yes, and plus 1,000.
I have to say the season premier certainly turned things up a notch. I hope they’ve fixed their pacing issues for the remainder of the season! If you love or loathe zombies as much as I do, be sure to check out 20 of the Greatest Zombie Movies of All Time reviewed at… with some really cool zombie artwork!
The show's zombie violence creates as much tension as suburban outpost teens whacking each other in the nutsack on an episode of Tosh.O.
what were the 3 words in the season 3 episode 1 please help