Portland duo Hey Lover shot their new video on October 6, and while it was warmer then than it is now, it wasn't exactly 80 degrees and humid. This unheated pool was a chilly 66 degrees; if you've ever swum in water that temperature, you know that's cold. The video, shot by Brett Roberts, is for "Piranha," one of many super-fun tracks from Hey Lover's super-fun album Tennessee. No actual piranhas were harmed during the making of this video, although it looks as though some musical instruments were, shockingly. Remember that scene in Alive when the plane ripped open and a bunch of passengers got sucked out the back or whatever, but so did that one guy's super-sweet guitar? Yeah, that was sad.

On Saturday, Hey Lover kick off a European tour that'll take 'em through France, Belgium, and Spain. (Check out the tour poster and full dates after the jump.) Hey Lover fans in Luxembourg and Andorra should deservedly feel snubbed.