Hey, I don't know if you heard, but there's an election happening right now. And according to my Twitter feed, voters' principal concerns are whether or not Big Bird should be allowed in women's binders, and restricting the ability of privileged white dudes to get driver's licenses.

From the presidential debate to whatever Jefferson Smith has done to get into the paper again this week, and anything in between, this is a golden season for Portland comedians. So get out there and hear some of the jokes they won't be able to use again for another four years!

This month, Comedy at Crush is the "Voter's Edition" — the monthly showcase is devoted exclusively to politics, elections, and the vestiges of what we still call the democratic process. Hosted by the hilarious and charming Belinda Carroll, they've got some great folks lined up, including Shawn Fleek (Mental State Department), Meghan Flaherty (Seattle Comedy Competition, Flapper's Women in Comedy finalist), Amanda Arnold (Willamette Valley Funniest 2011), Will Woodruff (Willamette Valley Funniest 2012), Dennis Williams, Kyle Henson, Timothy Blackton, and Angela Olson.

9pm tonight, it's only $5 — or $3 if you bring your voter ID. And if you haven't been paying attention to politics, you should definitely show up — odds are, you'll hear more truth tonight than from any of the political campaigns.