DOMA DOOMED: Another federal appeals court rules the Defense of Marriage Act unconstitutional, paving its path to the Supreme Court. Meanwhile, same-sex marriage is a surprisingly popular issue among Latino voters.

Blowing It: The FBI foils a young student's apparent plot to blow up a car bomb at the Federal Reserve.

RIP Dead Tree Edition: Newsweek is ending its print edition, changing over to online-only.

28,000 Missing. Since violence started breaking out in Syria, up to 28,000 people have disappeared. The government is still bombing rebel-friendly towns out of existence.

Rough Mitt: Romney's campaign tells him to keep being aggressive, even if his back-and-forth with Obama during the debates made his son want to throw some punches.

Lancing the Wound: Nike drops all its connections to Lance Armstrong because of his doping—which was outed, by the way, via a strange investigation.

Scouts' Dishonor: The Boy Scouts of America's massive collection of "perversion files" detailing alleged abuses by scout leaders is going to be released today.

Like Kinkos for Guns: The US military is getting into 3D printers, which could allow troops to print needed machine parts in remote locations.

Remember Him? Progressive politician George McGovern is nearing the end.

Heil Tweetler: Twitter has made a big cave-in to local demands for censorship, blocking a Neo-Nazi handle in Germany.