LVs Twelve-22 owners Frewine Kiros and LaVon Van
  • Nate Miller
  • LV's Twelve-22 owners Frewine Kiros and LaVon Van

One of North Portland's last black-owned bars will close at the end of the month. The owners of LV's Twelve-22 told the Portland Observer this week that they can't overcome the Oregon Liquor Control Commission's order to rescind the bar's license over drug and crime incidents.

When I profiled the bar last summer, the owners talked both about the difficulty of attracting customers in a neighborhood that has become whiter by the year and turning around a business that used to be a magnet for crime.

"It's weird," said manager Frewine Kiros, at the time. "I feel like we should be welcoming people into our neighborhood. Instead, it feels like we're asking them to invite us into theirs. I feel like we're the guests."

Despite its new owners attempts to turn LV's around, the bar was stung by criminal activity that left a black mark on their liquor license record. I know I'll be sad to see it go.