North Vancouver's LV's Twelve-22 Will Close its Doors


They have only their patrons to blame. Too bad trashy people don't have the brain power to stop and recognize when they've got a nice place to drink. Coming to an alley near you...
...."a black mark", really??!!

Am I the only one that sees that as a racist comment in this context?
@ North Portland Lady:

(from the new oxford american dictionary)

black mark
noun informal
used to indicate that someone is remembered and regarded with disfavor : an arrest will be a black mark on your record | a black mark went down against him for turning down the job.

but, yeah -- a 'plaid mark', or a 'multi-colored mark', would've been a much more considerate and much less confusing way to go. totally.
I am so bummed. Never heard a bad song in here. Only place I know where the music is consistantly great. I was so trying to support them.