This is such a great weekend for comedy. The All Jane No Dick festival continues at Curious Comedy Theater this weekend. The delightfully nerdy Jackie Kashian headlines tonight's 7:30 show, and improv troupe Switchboard headlines the late-night show at 10.

If you missed Jackie when she was here at Helium a month or so ago, do yourself a favor and check her out this weekend. Also, Sunday night at 7:30, drop in to catch her doing a live podcast, featuring great local funny ladies Andie Main, Mandie Allietta, and Barbara Holm. Kashian's podcast The Dork Forest picks up in a line from one of her bits that I just love (and that is captured in the video above). Speaking truth about the merits of dating dorks, she says that there's nonetheless a line one shouldn't cross. On the other side of that line? War re-enactors. "Do you know how far into the Dork Forest you have to go to get to the war re-enactment guys?"

I haven't yet had the pleasure of seeing Switchboard perform, but they've got a big following and a great concept. With deep roots in the Chicago improv tradition, the three-woman troupe starts by improvising a phone switchboard and the conversations occurring across it. Then, with an audience suggestion, they move into a seamless show of improvised scenes. Rebecca Sohn, Debra Downing-Grosz, and Jean Villepique are absolute pros and shouldn't be missed. They're headlining the 10pm show tonight, and the 7:30 show tomorrow night.

On Saturday and Sunday, workshops and a panel fill the days before the shows begin at night. On Saturday at noon, check out a free panel on Women in Comedy, then stick around for the 2pm The Feminine Comique workshop with Cameron Esposito (who's also performing both Friday and Saturday nights). Esposito will work with new and more established lady-comics on building skills and confidence, or refining and improving their process. If you're a woman who's even remotely interested in being a stand-up comic, this will be a incredible workshop. Esposito will focus mainly on joke structure, attitude/cohesion and connection with the audience.

At 4pm Saturday and 1 and 3pm Sunday, the ladies of Switchboard are offering three different improv-based workshops. Saturday's workshop focuses on improv teams working together, the 1pm Sunday workshop is for experienced improvisers who want to make bolder choices, and the 3pm Sunday workshop is about making stronger emotional connections in improv scenes. More details about all of the workshops can be found on the All Jane No Dick Facebook page.

To get the full schedule and ticket information, go here.