Rum Club is, without a doubt, my favorite bar in town. And while I don't take advantage of their excellent cocktail program as often as I should (it's often beer and straight spirits with friends for me and my budget), bar manager Adam Robinson has never made me a bad drink—and the Gardenia Club is one of the best in town. Boasting a delicious blend of Tequila, tamarind, Campari, lime, grapefruit soda, and a pinch of salt, the Gardena Club appeared on the menu this summer to put classic margaritas to shame and is still being served at Rum Club so late in the year. Refreshing and tangy, the added complexity of Campari complements tamarind (an underrated flavor) in a dangerously drinkable way. Tequila is not often my base of choice, but I'm in full support when it's used mindfully and with sensitivity to how too-sweet it can easily be. Order while it's only slightly out of season, bundle up on Rum Club's pretty patio, and pretend we don't have at least six months of rain before summer cocktails are back in style.

The Gardena Club at Rum Club

In other Rum Club news, a little birdie told me that the bar will be offering $3 short Fernet shots and $5 full pours throughout next week's Cocktail Week festivities. Just saying.

Rum Club is located at 720 SE Sandy Blvd.