The Timbers had nothing else to fight for. Their fans had nothing else to hope for. Both have something new to drink from.

The Timbers captured the Cascadia Cup last night with a hold-on-for-your-life 1-0 victory over rival Vancouver—Portland's first road win of the season. Yes, the Timbers are hopelessly out of playoff contention and near the bottom of the MLS table. Certainly, their sophomore campaign didn't exactly live up to fans' expectations. And sure, at the end of the day, an eighth-place team shouldn't hoist anything but tickets out of town.

Ah, but when Seattle's Matrix-dwelling supporters—sweet indoor shades, jabronies—handed the Cup over to 107ist board member and King LARPer Abram Goldman-Armstrong, all the letdown was left behind. Ardent Timbers fans—even if they have to hold their noses a bit—can now label the 2012 season a success. The Cup is unequivocally theirs.

"It was our third chance at it, and to get it at this point it means a lot to this group," said Cap'n Jack Jewsbury, who netted the game-winning goal with a 30-yard strike in the 39th minute. We never put our heads down, we continued to fight and work hard for one another and it’s a tribute to everyone on this team because we’ve been through a lot this year.”

And while those who headed north paraded it around Vancouver and were the first to taste the Cup's supple, rounded lip, countless more Portlanders eagerly await their chance to swig on some glory. But what should they be drinking?