Yes, there is a song about the cat on the album.
  • Yes, there is a song about the cat on the album.

Former Portlander Peter Broderick has a new album out—his second of 2012—and you can stream the entire thing in full today. It's called These Walls of Mine, and it came out today on Erased Tapes. It sees Broderick, a virtuosic multi-instrumentalist, focusing on voices this time around, resulting in a more vocal- and song-oriented album than what he might have done in the past. Here's what Broderick has to say about These Walls of Mine:
These songs are best viewed as a collection of lyrical and vocal experiments. Of course the instruments and the music are important, but this album is held together by a dialogue of voices. Conversations with myself and with others. Several tracks contain lyrical contributions from friends and strangers, made possible with the help of the internet.
But a picture is worth a thousand words—or in this case, an album stream is worth far more than any further description a music journalist can provide. Hooray, I'm irrelevant! Listen to all of Broderick's new record after the jump, while I take the rest of the day off.

Peter Broderick – These Walls Of Mine (FULL ALBUM STREAM) by Erased Tapes