Occupy Portland—still soldiering along from its office in St. Francis in Southeast, and also from the city hall camping vigil, every single day—is tired of everyone thinking the movement's dried up and gone as it enters its second year.

And, so, a bunch of occupiers have decided to take a page from their friends in big business: launching a transformative new campaign to refresh a sagging brand. There's an Indiegogo page right here where you can donate money. Occupiers are looking to raise just shy of $2,000 to plaster ads all over the ceilings of Trimet buses and trains for four weeks sometime this fall/winter.

Let's face it: Occupy Portland (and the greater national movement for that matter) is facing a Public Relations crisis. There is simply too many people unengaged with us and too little word being spread about us as we embark our 2nd year. And it certainly doesn't help that the corporate media falsely labels us as dead. But with an office space, phone, and 24/7 small-scale "occupation" and vigil at City Hall, it's clear that we have a real, sustaining future for our Portland area citizens. But how could they know?

That is why we are launching a new advertisement campaign to raise awareness ourselves and provide opportunity where there has not been before. Our goal is to raise $1,885 (with taxes and fees by Indiegogo, that gives us $1,750) to establish 25 "Michalangelo" [sic] ceiling ads inside TriMet buses and MAX lines to last us about 4 weeks.

We believe that riders of public transportation is the perfect target audience to spread the message of Occupy. With the working class, disengaged youth, student, eco-minded and elderly populations all diverging on the same vehicles, we see true untapped potential (or at least sympathy) when we make our presence known to them.

The pitch notes it's not the movement's first ad campaign. Last fall, some occupiers tapped friendly professional contacts and produced a slick YouTube ad. Best part about this buy: If you give $65 or more, organizers will even put your name on one.