Well... here's today's "most terrible person in the world"—and he's got a special message for anyone that dares to make a noise in the general vicinity of his ears:

The next time you need to go to the post office, for what ever reason, could you be so considerate as to leave your precious, adorable, screaming, "god's little miracle" utter shit factory outside in the mommy-mobile (or bike-basket), could you? It's more than bad enough that you've selfishly chosen to deplete Mother Earth of resources. The very least you could do is spare us sensible adults the sheer psychological torture of having to endure your spawn's siren-like waling... in a POST OFFICE of all places, REALLY???

And actually? That's not the worst of it. See what this sniveling crybaby says next, right here. Hey! Do you have a rant or confession you'd like to make? It can't be any worse than the above P.O.S.! Make your contribution in the I, Anonymous Blog—where the piercing screams of whiners can be heard for miles.