If you like crafts, origami, puppetry, and primates, this is the video for you. And if you don't like those things, what are you, a monster? This charming video from the Ocean Floor was a full year in the making; it's for the song "My Shelf" off their new album Falling Star Castle. (We premiered another track from the album here.) Main Ocean Floorer Lane Barrington wrote us with this to say:

"My Shelf" is the product of a year of Thursdays of folding, cutting, gluing, and laughing. The video portrays the song's narrative interpreted by "Dolores" the Loris and "Arthur" the Orangutan. This tale of poorly timed feelings and unspoken longing sets the stage for the rest of Falling Star Castle's journey into imagination and dreamings of perfection. It was directed by Kurtis Hough (Six Organs of Admittance, Colin Stetson, Rachel Graves).
(Science tip: A loris is a kind of lemur, I think.)

The record is available for pre-order download on Bandcamp, and you can also pre-order a cassette edition of the album from Single Girl Married Girl Records. Meanwhile, get "My Shelf" for free over on Soundcloud. The Ocean Floor are playing a release fall for Falling Star Castle on Sunday, December 2 at bike bar Velo Cult (1969 NE 42nd) with Hot Victory, Grapefruit and a band from Tucson called Young Hunter.