The Evil Dead movies worked for two reasons, those being (1) Sam Raimi, and (2) Bruce Campbell. So naturally, there's a new Evil Dead reboot that isn't directed by Sam Raimi and doesn't star Bruce Campbell. Instead it's written by Diablo Cody! Hooray for Hollywood! (Yes, creepy horror fans, I know Raimi and Campbell are producing it, along with frequent collaborator Rob Tapert, AKA The Dude Who Is Married to Xena: Warrior Princess. But producing credits in Hollywood aren't the most reliable titles, let along indicators of quality. Just by typing that last sentence, I was retroactively made an executive producer for the last three seasons of Xena.) Here's the first trailer, in which we can see director Fede Alvarez going all sorts of srs bsns with his take on the touching tale about The Tree That Rapes People. So it basically looks like Cabin in the Woods, but, you know, without any of the smarts.