Good morning, oenophiles and music lovers. Let's tinkle our glasses together for Menomena, those insouciant practitioners of the liquid (and musical) arts who bring together disparate ingredients into a supple, expressive blend that finishes with remarkable clarity. Their latest vintage, Moms, came out earlier this season, and they're uncorking their first headlining show in Portland since its release. That event falls on Friday, November 2 and takes place at the Crystal Ballroom, where an array of wines are available by the glass.

But ho! If you purchase your tickets this morning, Menomena and McMenamins would like to double-stuff your ticket-holding snifter. From 10 am to noon this morning, 2-for-1 tickets are available via this link, meaning you can get two glasses filled to the brim with Menomena's crisp, buttery frizzantino for the cost of a single ticket: a mere piffle at $16 (plus etc.). That's a deal worth raising our glasses for! Tchin-tchin.

A QUICK TRANSLATION: Two-for-one Menomena tickets! Get two tickets for their Nov. 2 show at the Crystal Ballroom for the cost of one ($16). From 10 am to noon today only. Go here. This is a stupid good deal.