Bank Robbery: US federal prosecutors sue Bank of America for "brazen" mortgage fraud that led to the taxpayer bailout.

Four More Years! Colin Powell endorses Obama again, saying Romney's foreign policy platform is unclear.

A "Moderate" Man: Romney's "moderate" stance on abortion would outlaw 90 percent of procedures.

Another Day, Another Dumb "Rape" Comment: Republican Senate candidate Richard Mourdock just had to go and say something about God intending rape.

And Today's Poll Shows... Obama is still likely to win as Romney's momentum is slowing.

So What's Clinton's Future? Will Hillary stay on as Secretary of State?

Syrian Violence Grinds On: Syrian government troops seem completely worn out, fighting from building to building. International groups have demanded both sides have a ceasefire until Monday.

Big WikiLeaks Release: From his cubbyhole, Julian Assange announces that WikiLeaks has obtained US policies for detainees in prisons like Guantananmo Bay.

High Stakes Science: OHSU researchers are toeing a controversial line by modifying unfertilized human eggs to try and prevent future disease.

And Here is Something to Point and Laugh At: Cute/horrifying baboons harass tourists in South Africa, kept in check by a team of "baboon monitors" armed with paintball guns.