Plenty of retailers host monthly art shows; it's an engaging way to get people through the door. But some of them go bigger than most, as is the case with the accessories-specializing Redux, which as of recently has added Greg Pitters of Portland art blog Hungry Eyeball on duty to curate their monthly happenings. For the month of November (official opening next Friday, Nov 2), they're featuring a solo show by Tripper Dungan—who you may also know from Chaosmosis and Junk Town events, as well as the Wow Wee Zow Wee Shadow Cinema and —whose bio contains such sentences as, "Tripper left Eugene to live on the Fore Wands Farm in Corvallis where he helped to build a chicken coop with a gigantic painting of Humpty Dumpty wearing lederhosen on the side." At Redux, he's presenting "HeadTrip," a collection of paintings, many of which "react with ChromaDepth 3D glasses." Trippy. You can stop in and slap on a pair at next Friday's reception from 6-9 pm, but the art will be up through December 4. Hit the cut for more preview images of Dungan's work.