Seantos (just the one name will do) has been something of a man about town for at least a decade, making parties and events happen (and sometimes making them seem more dangerous, maybe?), playing in bands (Starantula), dabbling in the local sex industry (in a documentary role only, as far as I know), and just generally being one of those guys you see every other time you leave the house looking for trouble. My impression is that his wildest days are probably behind him now, and after taking a break from Portland he's recently resurfaced as a calmer, more mature, and organized man who can probably still make your party feel a little more dangerous, maybe.

His latest project is a re-boot of a live talk show he's hosting on a bi-monthly basis called Seantos Showdown, interviewing representatives from the city's various creative industries and inviting other local eccentrics and party people for we he promises will be Portland's most "authentic" talk show. The first one is tonight at the cozily subterranean Jack London at 9 pm.

Because he and I have known each other for a long time and trust isn't really an issue for me, I've agreed to come on as his regular "fashion correspondent," which I think will be a fun way to get to talk about what's happening in the local industry to a more diverse (and boozier) crowd than typically shows up to fashion-related happenings. I'll also be bringing on regular guests to join me. Being that it's the first time, I thought a logical place to begin was with an overview of Portland's modern history in independent design. For me that essentially begins with Seaplane, which opened in its first SE Belmont location while I was still in college. However, my first guest for the night, Ashkan (Ultra, Day After), has been involved in Portland fashion for years before I came along, and has a little more insight on the preamble.

Plus (oh god), there's going to be a milk chugging contest, interviews with other folks like Barfly founder Jen Lane, author Christopher Lord (Christmas Carol Murders), Jeffrey Wonderful "as the Boy in the Bubble" (no idea), filmmakers Rob Taylor and Nic Costa (The Mad Scientist), live music from Advisory, DJs, and more. Should be fun (or at least weird and messy. Luckily, it will also be taped.)

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