The Denver Post has a good story looking at the organizational strengths of both presidential campaigns in the swing states.

Obama has 131 field offices in Ohio, while Romney has 40. Obama also has "staging locations," which are operated out of volunteers' homes. The advantage is those volunteers know their neighborhoods well. While Obama has a large get-out-the-vote operation with a ton of field offices, Romney doesn't have one at all, Ball reports. Romney has outsourced its ground game to the Republican National Committee. That way, the RNC was able to build up its turnout efforts while Romney was still fighting the primary in March.

Between this and Nate Silver's post from this morning about Mitt Romney's false "momentum" narrative, Democrats have no reason to feel depressed anymore. It's okay to feel nervous—elections are scary things—but there's no reason to feel like this election is out of your hands. Andrew Sullivan's histrionics feel like they were published a million years ago.