Talkative (Via)
  • Talkative (Via)

Backtalk–Freak Out!: Talkative, Concrete Crow, 7 pm
Kelly's OlympianTalkative, Log Across the Washer, Bubble Cats, 9 pm, $5
Aladdin Theater–Perfume Genius, Dusted, 8 pm, $15
Backspace–NW Loop Fest: Noah Peterson, Tony Smiley, Cellotronik, Karma Bomb, Noise With Dean, Bass Shaker Pressley, Waffle Taco, West Turner, Krystyn Pixton, Jean-Paul DeRoover, Chris Ingold, 9 pm, $5, all ages
Boom Bap!–Slashed Tires, Ghosties, XDS, Amenta Abioto, 8 pm
Burnside Brewing Co.–Night of the Living Ales: Boy Eats Drum Machine, Oh Darling, 8 pm, $10
Club 21–The Wannabe Dogs, Queens of Noise, Motley Crude, Broken Bodies, 9 pm, free
Doug Fir–Husky, Hannah Georgas, 9 pm, $12
Ella Street Social Club–Mufassa, A Ton of Bricks Falling A Thousand Yards, Danny Delegato, 9 pm, $5
Hawthorne Theatre–The Asteroids Galaxy Tour, Millionyoung, Foreign Orange, 8 pm, $15-18, all ages
Holocene–SamFM, 5 pm, free; Snap!: Dr. Adam, Colin Jones, 9 pm, $3
Kenton Club–The Hand That Bleeds, Rllrbll, Nasalrod, Super Duper Fun Gun, Party Killer, 9 pm, free
The Know–Cult of Youth, Arctic Flowers, Industrial Park, 8 pm, $7
LaurelThirst Public House–Michael the Blind & the Els, Lone Madrone, Young Blood, 9:30 pm, $5
Mississippi Studios–Weinland, Denver, The Lower 48, 9 pm, $12
The Old Church–White Fort, 6 pm, all ages
Oregon Portland Cement Building–Orquestra Pacifico Tropical, 1939 Ensemble, Sun Angle, Gulls, Electric Ill, Michael Bruce, 8 pm, $5-10
Rotture–Howl: Mr. Rogers, Nicoluminous, Defunk, Guttstar, Manoj, Hoya, Alden Brown, DJ Professor Stone, Mr. Wu, Spekt1, PRSN, El Capitan, Worthy, Maximus, Andrew Mataus, Flipsta, Doug de la Fresca, Forrest Avery, Solovox, Global Ruckus, Sarah King, Stereovision, Bridgetown Review, 9 pm, $25-30
Slabtown–Fontaine Classic, A Happy Death, 9 pm
Slim's–Audios Amigos, Bad Assets, 9 pm, free
The Spare Room–Teri & Larry, 9 pm, free
Star Theater–Rasputina, Faun Fables, 9 pm, $15
Tiga–Beacon Sound