Hey! You want to go to HUMP! You want to go for free! That's why I'm offering TWO FREE TICKETS to the friendliest l'il amateur porn film fest in the nation! Simply send me an email HERE by Monday at noon, and put "HUMPALCIOUS" in the subject line—and if you win, you'll get two tickets to the HUMP! Sunday Nov 11 4:30 screening. (Hey, that one's 18 and over! Knock yourselves out, kids.)

If you are too scared to let luck decide your fate, GET YOUR TICKETS HERE AND FAST. Two shows on Friday and Saturday are already sold out, and Thursday's well on its way! STILL CAN'T DECIDE (even though everyone who's ever been to one thinks it's the funnest thing ever)? Check out this commercial for HUMP!* (Wait... a COMMERCIAL FOR HUMP??!!!???)

*No animals were harmed during the making of this commercial, and yes, I know HUMP! has a "no animals" policy... though that doesn't apply to our commercials! Psych.