Very sad news from the weekend: Portland musician and artist Blake Mackey has died. Mackey released a number of albums over the years, ranging from acoustic singer/songwriterly stuff to more electric psych, and ran the Architect Records label. Mackey was also the author of a few strongly worded letters to the Mercury that chastised our coverage of the local music scene—too narrow for Mackey's liking. There is little doubt that he was impassioned, committed, and full of love for music and art.

Many of Mackey's recordings are available for download over on Mackey's Blogspot page and are worth checking out. More info about some of Mackey's records is on the page of his label, Architect Records. Here is a recent video that many of his friends have posted to Facebook after his passing. Our sincere condolences to his family, friends, and loved ones. Rest in peace, Blake.