BIG FAT STORM! Roughly 20 percent of the country's population is being hit by Hurricane Sandy right now. In New York, the subways flooded and the city feels empty.

Death Toll: The damage from the storm is still being determined, but as of now, 33 people are dead from Sandy.

Powerless: Millions of people across the Northeast are without power. This insane video of Manhattan's Con Edison plant blowing up may have a thing or two to do with that.

What Do You Do in a Hurricane? Watch Netflix, apparently.

Is This Storm Such a Freak? What are the chances that tropical storm devastating America's largest city will get us to talk about climate change?

Bad Apples: Shakeups at Apple as the software giant tosses two top executives.

And Sad Apples: Now Sony, too, is in hot water over child labor at a Foxconn plant.

Romney's Disdain for Gay Parents: In a video from 2005, Mitt Romney says its "fine" if gay parents adopt but he prefers to encourage the marriage of a man and a woman."

For Some Strange Reason, LGBT Folks Don't Vote Republican: The gay Republican running for mayor of San Diego is sorely disappointed that he can't count on the gay and lesbian vote.

Who Votes? Actually, more people than we usually hear about. Sociological Images has an interesting breakdown of voting rates.

Fareless Squares: An entire town in France decides to make its transit system fareless and study the results.

This post belatedly brought to you by a goddamn Burnside Bridge lift.