One morning in August, the FBI raided homes in North Portland and issued subpoenas to lefty activists in Portland, Seattle, and Olympia as part of an ongoing investigation into some unnamed crime—likely, someone breaking the windows of a courthouse on May Day in Seattle.

The activists refused to testify at the grand jury and the feds threw two three of them—Portlander Leah-Lynn Plante, Matthew Duran, and Katherine Olejnik—in federal detention. You may have noticed these "Free Matt" flyers pasted on telephone polls around town.

Plante was released without explanation earlier this month. But Brendan Kiley up at the Stranger reports that Duran is now on his 47th day in custody at the SeaTac federal detention center. Though he hasn't been charged with any crimes, he could be held there for the duration of the grand jury, which might not wrap up until 2014. More than a year in prison, all over some broken windows.