His thirst is unslakable.
  • His thirst is unslakable.

The worthless pre-season has ended, finally, and all the judgments and reassurances we've provided to ourselves via meaningless puffed-up scrimmages will be summarily tossed out the window in favor of knee-jerk proclamations and overreactions now that the games actually count. And thus begins a fresh new season of Hot Live Blog Action here at the Merc.

Tonight, the Los Angeles Lakers roll into town after getting pantsed by the Dallas Mavericks last night, 99-91, in a game that wasn't even that close. Well, the rest of the Lakers got pantsed - Steve Nash basically had his pride and ability mashed into his teeth, as the picture above (taken when he still played for the Phoenix Suns) indicates.

This game wasn't going to be easy in the first place, but now that the Lakers are pissed off following last night's comedy of errors? It might be entirely appropriate to spend your Halloween throwing candy at the parade of tiny monsters coming to your door while watching a potential bloodbath splash all over the Rose Garden hardwood. Or maybe the plucky heroes of this big-budget thriller will mount a valiant fight and destroy the monstrous, overpowered freakshow in purple and gold.

Blogtown, at 7:30pm tonight, lets find out together, shall we?