Limping Back to Life: New York is split, with half of Manhattan still without power. People are sharing outlets in a neighborly way and recharging gadgets with bicycle generators.

You Think TriMet is Bad: New Yorkers are waiting in insane lines to catch transit to Manhattan, since much of the subway is still flooded.

New York Marathon Moves Ahead: The planners of the big race think it will still happen, but many New Yorkers say diverting that many police and resources right now would be "idiotic."

Well, That Was a Nice Break: Now back to the relentless campaign news!

Economy Finally "Holding its Own": The economy added 158,000 jobs this past month, which is definitely a good sign.

My Dog Smelled Your Weed! The Supreme Court weighs in on whether police can use drug sniffing dogs outside homes with no probable cause to suspect drugs inside.

Why Stay in China? Young professionals are leaving China in droves, hoping for a better life and greater freedoms in places like Australia.

We'll Need that Back, Lance: Armstrong has to give back his Olympic metal, too.

What Does Apple's Shakeup Mean? The firing of two Apply higher-ups this week could change what Apple products look like in a big way.

Bye, Jack. The long-time Oregonian political cartoonist Jack Ohman is switching to the Sacramento Bee.