If you, like me, wait 'til the last possible second to do everything in your life... take out the trash, eat questionable leftovers, marry your boyfriend of 10 years... then you've come to the heart-breaking realization that there are 2,467 Halloween films playing in the beer theaters that you haven't got around to watching yet. PANIC! Okay, really there are only three, but still, today's your last day to watch 'em, slack-ass. Tonight, you have your choice of Evil Dead 2 at the Hollywood at 9:40 pm, The Blair Witch Project at the Academy Theater at 9:40 pm, or at 9:30 pm, the Laurelhurst Theater is showing Ghostbusters. What will your decision be, procrastinerd? While you're only going to be able to squeeze in one of those, the Hollywood has a nice post-Halloween surprise for you—David Cronenberg's The Fly plays for a week starting on Friday, November 9.

My vote: You can't go wrong with Ash!

Quick before this crap splatters all over your favorite cabin in the woods.