Portland Cabbies Continue to Clash Over Permits


Red Diamond is a pirate villain with an eye-patch.

What an ass this man is, to demand that the City uphold his inane monopoly. We ought to be abolishing the artificial restrictions that the permitting process creates, who cares how many taxies are driving through the city? The market will determine how many are needed, we don’t need Red or City Hall making that determination.

Anyways, I would think Adams could play the appeasement card by doing something about the hotel kick-backs, that would undercut Diamond’s anger. Maybe Adams just doesn’t give two shits to appease this guy or his cabbies – or maybe Adams knows the kick-backs are because the taxis are fucking around on hotels. I just notice a comment from the October 4th Mercury story from a person who claims to take kick-backs, stating, “I've had many an issue with rude drivers and no shows… Honestly, I'm looking forward to the city issuing new permits, hopefully with the new competition they'll get their act together and provide decent service.”

Suck that, Diamond.