Staten Island—New York's "extra" and "forgotten" borough, but home to close to half the city's deaths in Hurricane Sandy—is especially feeling that way in the ongoing misery left in the storm's wake.

Gas shortages are haunting residents as well as emergency workers and volunteers. Resentment over lingering power outages has been joined by outrage over plans to continue Sunday's New York marathon.

Tales of heroism and harrowing improvisation emerge from the evacuation of Bellevue Hospital, New York's oldest public medical facility. Babies! Bucket brigades for generator fuel oil! Fresh triple-bypass patients walking down 10 flights of stairs!

Another month, another jobs report with undeniably positive numbers that Republicans like Willard Romney's handlers will desperately try to spin. By the numbers: 171,000 new jobs in October; 84,000 new jobs in revised September and August reports; a jobless rate that ticked up .1 percentage point thanks to new job seekers; and a continued drag on overall recovery by austerity job cuts in the public sector.

The CIA was more involved in the new September 11 attacks—the raid on the consulate in Benghazi—than previously mentioned, releasing a timeline meant to undercut griping by the GOP that more wasn't done to protect the lives of four slain Americans.

China is preparing for its own leadership handover—the culmination of jockeying and handshake deals worked out in secret for several years. It's expected to go smoothly.

Quite unlike ours. Both major parties are flooding electoral-fulcrum Ohio with lawyers in anticipation of filing lawsuits that could challenge the vote count and hold up an official declaration of victory in the presidential race.

How did congressional Republicans
respond when a nonpartisan report echoed the real-life experience of decades of trickle-down taxation and found it's a bunch of hooey that doesn't help the economy? They tried to make it disappear.

Kia and Hyundai both lied about their cars' fuel efficiency marks, so they'll have to pay steep fines and send out debit cards to drivers stuck with higher-than-expected annual fuel costs. That extra money for gas is brought to you by the EPA—AKA "big government" regulators who might not get to do that work if certain people win certain elections.

The first time Dick Cheney and Donny Rumsfeld teamed up to help out a Republican president it was to wipe the name "Reagan" from the moistened lips of the faithful.

And here's this headline: "Perverted gynaecologist who kept sick photos of his patients also owned nearly 1,000 guns"