The Portland Action Lab and Occupy Portland are encouraging citizens to "vote with your feet" tomorrow for a big protest of cuts to education, healthcare, and social services.

The action is taking place tomorrow at 1pm in Holladay Park. The organizers write, "We call on all participants in the Occupy movement, rank-and-file union members, students, our elders and people-at-large to organize creatively and return to our public spaces with this message on the weekend before the election. Our communities will make our own decisions and control our own resources, no matter who is elected."


The event is also being billed as a protest against the Portland Business Alliance, which is typically the #1 lobbyist in Portland's city hall and fought 2010 tax Measure 66 and 67.

If you're planning to vote with your pen as well as your feet this weekend, our election voter guide is here.