It's for all the cheese! While Portland didn't qualify for the Women's Flat Track Derby Association Championships in Atlanta this weekend, you can still cheer with the Rose City Rollers all-stars Wheels of Justice on Sunday during the big game. They're hosting a viewing party for the bout at Kelly's Olympian, where they're selling merchandise, heckling, and cheering for their favorite team (anyone who's not Olympia). Kelly's has a greasy hangover-curing brunch, drinks, plus you've already gained an hour of sleep time with the magical-changing-of-time that happens every year around this time. Cheering also clears the cobwebs out of the Sunday-morning head.

WFTDA Champs
Sunday, November 4
Kelly's Olympian, 426 SW Washington, 21+
Most likely (but you never know): Olympia's Oly Rollers vs. NYC's Gotham Girls Roller Derby
11 am-2 pm (champ game starts at noon—don't forget to roll your clocks back on Saturday night)