Hey, Portland theaters: One of you should book this. Sundance liked it! Cannes liked it! The New York Film Festival liked it! (Chuck Klosterman saw it there and said it "obliterated my cranium.") I am 98 percent sure I will like it!

A documentary that aims to go deep into the deepest, weirdest theories about The Shining, Room 237 doesn't have a Portland release date yet, and its trailer is... not helpful. (It's probably about the best they could do, considering how director Rodney Ascher put the film together. Via the November issue of Empire: "Instead of talking heads, we only hear the voices of his subjects as if they're ghosts hanging over the movie. Ascher recorded phone calls, or sent over digital recorders on which the five experts extemporized as the film played." Meanwhile, the film's visuals are "a patchwork quilt of clips from The Shining, other Kubrick films, or any film that fits.")

Sign me up.