The Walking Dead Chitty-Chat Club!


I clapped and did a fist pump when I realized I would never have to hear "T-Dog" in the middle of an otherwise dramatic scene again.
It seems the only way the writers can extract any emotional impact out of these characters is by killing them off, or having them injured horribly. We'll have a whole new cast by the end of the season.
I forgot T-Dog was still on this show. Only one token black at a time, I guess.
Congratulations to the oozing pile of devoured flesh + bodily fluids formerly known as T-Dog! You never have to deal with those pukes you've deferred your screen time to over the past few seasons. You are in a better place now, and free to pursue a much better show. Only problem is your death now precludes the spin-off I'd been conceiving around you called T-Doggtopus vs. Zombisaraus. Oh well. Back to the drawing board.
Just when Lori seemed to be getting over her body image issues...