Good Morning News!


"fear of genetically modified foods isn't based on science."- -

Does anyone remember the days when self proclaimed progressives didn't regurgitate talking points from massive conglomerates? I guess it makes sense that you guys support Obama, after all he did appoint Tom Vilsack, a known shill for Monsanto and the biotech industry as head the USDA.

So let's push aside the fact that most developed nations don't consider GMO's to be safe, and GMO crops do not produce larger yields and do not reduce the amount of pesticides necessary for the cultivation of crops...or the fact that one single company can own a monopoly over the patenting and production of seeds and can sue farmers whose fields become contaminated with GMO's, even when it's the result of drift from neighboring fields. Let's talk about the peer reviewed, two year study out of France, published in the Journal of Food and Chemical Toxicology that found rats fed Monsanto’s patented GMO corn were more likely to develop tumors and suffer severe liver and kidney damage. Didn't read about that in the Slate article did ya?

Of course as soon as the study was published a coordinated backlash began, spearheaded by the Science Media Centre, an organization that is itself funded by CropLife International, a biotech trade association, Syngenta, and Monsanto UK. In fact, the only reason independent research of GMO's in the US is so lacking is because Monsanto will not allow their patented seeds to be tested longer than 90 days. The majority of chronic illness found in the French study was found after 90 days.……………