You should be reading Locke & Key! It's an amazing horror comic from Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez that's terrifying, suspenseful, and full of stunning visual clues to an epic mystery about a family's ancestral mansion—Keyhouse in the fictional town of Lovecraft, Massachusetts—that's full of power-bestowing keys and strange magic. The series is dangerous and sprawling and full of great characters. Basically, it's crack in paper form. For almost four years now, it's been agony to wait for individual issues to be released—and now the huge denouement is in sight with just six issues remaining in the series. Conflicting emotions: Hurry up! How will I live without this thing that I've devoted so much time to? (I might have joined a fan forum and spent countless hours rereading the series for clues. Maybe.) And now it looks like it might get new life in theaters. The story was originally slated to be a TV series on Fox last year, but it was never picked up. A few days ago the writers of the pilot, Fringe's Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci, have confirmed that Locke & Key will be made into a three-film trilogy with both of them handling the writing. Woo hoo! And if it's anything like the above trailer for the original pilot they worked on, this could be a fantastic thing.

The next issue of the series comes out on November 14. You can catch up at the library—and let me know if you do!