Last week I finally got around to watching Game Change, the HBO TV movie about the McCain campaign's choice to go with Sarah Palin as their vice presidential nominee. It was fun, if cartoony; Julianne Moore's fantastic as a way-out-of-her-depth Palin, and Ed Harris' McCain is who I wish McCain had actually been when he was running. As I was watching, I kept thinking how far Moore had pushed her version of Palin into parody—that voice, that confusion, that tone—but no: Turns out I'd just forgotten that that's really how Palin comes across. After four years of being largely Palin-less, it was kind of remarkable to see her pop up on Fox News last night, befuddled and "disappointed" with how the votes were coming in. I post this now not to be a dick and all, "Ha ha, Obama won, everyone on Fox News is an idiot" (there are plenty of other posts doing that), but just to say... weird. Hey guys, remember when there was a chance Palin might have been vice president? Remember how close that was? And doesn't watching this make you feel even better about last night?