It's time for our quadrennial sampling of schadenfreude by visiting conservative magazine National Review's Corner blog. Let's start with the big names!

Maggie Gallagher says: "Either we figure out how to win a much larger share of the Latino vote or the conservative movement could be over."

Here's Grover Norquist, looking for a silver lining: "The Republican House was reelected after not just touching but fondling the 'third rail of American politics.'" One commenter argued Norquist's optimism by saying, "This election should demonstrate once and for all that a platform exclusively emphasizing fiscal conservatism is insufficient to win the presidency."

Stanley Kurtz has a great idea: "Barack Obama has won reelection. Will America now lose its distinct characteristics and be transformed into a Euro-style welfare state? Quite possibly, yet there remains one way out. At this point, only a sweeping new grassroots rebellion on the model of the Tea Party could change things." Yeah! Whatever happened to that Tea Party, anyway? They had a bunch of great candidates, like Rick Perry and Rick Santorum and Michele Bachmann. Whatever happened to those guys?

And here are some random samplings of comments to enjoy:

I've never been pessimistic about America. Never. I am now. I think this country is done. We are cooked. We just elected an empirically terrible president, solely based on race...America is over.

Are we doomed to permanent Democratic Rule??

We are done. The country s going the way of Rome. We simply can't last with the takers taking more than the makers can make. America has failed. We have elected a totally failed leader. A man of zero accomplishments, out of grievance.

This absolute joke of a president just gave a joke of a speech, and trotted out the old red nd blue states garbage again. Puke.

I really believe this is the end of America. Today? No. But there are too many takers now, not enough makers. I think the 47% is probably the 49% now...

Libs out there you won the day rejoice while you can. Soon America is going to suck for all of us and for once, you won't be able to blame us.
So enjoy the victory will its taste is still sweet and savory.