Smokehouse 21, the best barbecue joint on the West side of the river (I feel safe in claiming this), has made it through their first year without any major disasters, and to celebrate on Sunday, November 11, they will be offering all-day food and drink specials and cowboy bingo. Which, I guess, is what you call bingo if you're wearing a cowboy hat and Wranglers. Sounds fair to me, especially considering you can win SH 21 gift certificates and swag. Specials run all day and the party goes from 9 to 11ish, and I have confirmed that there will be cake. Dressing up is highly encouraged. Be there or wait in line at Podnah's if you're an east side loyalist, but deep down, I think you know where you should be showing off your best pair of spurs this Sunday night.

See you there, Blogtown.

Happy Birthday, nice meat
  • Happy Birthday, nice meat

Smokehouse 21 is located at 413 NW 21st.