Some of MacGyver's Adventures!


"While mapping wilderness" - I can't remember, who does MacGyver work for? Is he an independent contractor, and takes up odds jobs when times are slow?
MacGyver works for the Phoenix Foundation, "a privately funded research and development 'think-tank' organization which offers a broad range of services to both government and private sectors." Those services include everything from military projects to conflict negotiation, from mapping the majestic Alaskan wilderness to giving the invaluable gift of hearing to the deaf. Many clients specifically request MacGyver due to his reliably inventive problem-solving skills and his personal charm. More information about the Phoenix Foundation can be found at….
Thank you, Erik. And thank you, internet.
My arch-nemesis is constantly putting on musicals, yet Teri Hatcher still won't give me the time of day. Dispiriting.
I've found macgyver hard to watch while healthy. Oddly soothing when sick, though
Forgot to mention, I boarded a plane at LAX once and Richard Dean Anderson was seated in first class. True story. NEVER FELT SAFER!