In May 2010, Jonathan Richman played two shows at the Know, making for an almost unique opportunity to see the legendary songwriter in such intimate, unpretentious digs. Notice I said almost! Because Richman—along with accompanist Tommy Larkins—returns to perform three nights at the Know later this month: Saturday November 24, Sunday November 25, and Monday, November 26.

The Know's website has all the pertinents, which I shall rehash for you here. Basically, the most important thing is that a total of 98 advance tickets will be available for each show, and those go on sale tonight at 9 pm at the Know. (An additional 40 day-of-show tickets will also go on sale before each night.) Here's all the dirty:

• 98 presale tickets will be sold for EACH show
• Presale tickets will go on sale (exclusively available at The Know) at 9pm on MONDAY, NOVEMBER 12th for $10 each
• only TWO presale tickets will be made available to each purchaser!!!
• There will be approximately 40 day-of-show ”tickets” available for EACH show for $12 per person (NOTE: there will be NO paper ticket given with day-of admission)
• NO VIDEO RECORDING devices are allowed during the performance!!! (NOTE: this day-in-age everyone’s phone is capable of capturing video…don’t be an asshole. Please respect this simple-request made by Jonathan and refrain from taking advantage of our performers with your hand-held technology)
The Know admits a little surprise that Richman has taken such a liking to their decidedly divey dive, but shows at the Know are always fun, and if you missed Richman there last time, there's no excuse to let the same thing happen this time.