CIA Scandal Spreads: As General Petraeus has quit his post after revelation of an affair, his top commander in Afghanistan is now accused of sending an inappropriate number of emails to a woman involved in the case. Obama is already considering a replacement for Petraeus—John Kerry. Meanwhile, it appears everyone in this investigation may be crazy, because one of the FBI agents investigating the case sent shirtless photos of himself to one of the women involved. Aaaagh!

Sandy Far From Finished: Thousands of people in Coney Island are still living without heat or power.

Don't Drink the Water: Parts of central California have tap water that's contaminated and undrinkable because of agricultural runoff.

What's Next for Same-Sex Marriage? LGBT rights supporters swept four states this election—should we continue legalizing marriage state by state or go for the nation?

Climate Cliff: Hey! Al Gore is still around and he wants Obama to "act boldly" on climate change.

Government Googling: Authorities are filing more and more requests for citizens' data from Google.

Defenestrated: The chief of Windows has quit as Microsoft looks to overhaul its structure.

False Face: Whodathunk that people would make fake Facebook pages to troll people and institutions.

Scandal on Sesame Street: The beloved voice of Elmo has been accused of having sex with a 16-year old.

Twilight Tent City: Thousands of fans are camping out in flimsy tents in LA, awaiting the debut of the final Twilight films.

Solar Eclipse Today! Conveniently coinciding with your lunch break, there's a solar eclipse today at 12:30pm.