Thanks to everybody who participated in HUMP! 2012 this past weekend! There's a couple more screenings in Seattle this weekend, after which we will tally up all the votes, and announce who won "Best Humor," "Best Sex," "Best Kink," and the $5000-winning "Best in Show"! Stay tuned!

Also publisher Rob Crocker just emailed some the stats for this past weekend, which I thought I'd share with you—the best HUMP! audience in the world!

HUMP! highlights!
- We sold over 6500 tickets!
- We drained over 25 kegs of beer!
- A guy proposed to his girlfriend he met at last year's HUMP!
- 5 cell phones confiscated!
- 2 projectile vomits!
- 1 shit bag left in the theater (don't even ask...)!

That sounds like a pretty good year to me! Thanks again for HUMPing along with us—and start thinking of your idea for a five-minute filthy flick to submit to HUMP! 2013!