This Black Friday Shit Has Got to Stop Sometime


"After crunching two to six years' worth of pricing data for a number of typical holiday gifts, The Wall Street Journal has turned up the best times to go deal hunting — and they almost never involve standing in the freezing cold all night."…

If one of your loved one's is going out to shop on Black Friday, please for the love of god slap them upside the head.
The only purchases I ever make on Blake Friday are alka-seltzer for my hangover, and gas to get the hell away from my family and hometown.
Keep in mind as well that since they'll be working 12+ hours, if they don't want to be raving lunatics many people that have to work Thanksgiving evening will likely have to find a way to sleep through Thanksgiving afternoon. The lunatics that camp this shit out will also have to be in line on Thanksgiving day now.

Seriously, fuck all these retailers. Shop local or shop online.
My solution is pretty much not give a shit about any of these sales because who needs any of this stuff? Anything on sale is always cut-rate electronics or junk no one really wants.

My favorite memories of thanksgiving are big meals, and watching some tv marathons of ancient shows.
It's all about cyber Monday. Why wait in line when you can shop in one browser whilst browsing porn in another?
Know what? If you *don't buy any fucking presents at all* you don't have to stand in line. I gave that bullshit up years ago and am much happier for it.
Some people enjoy shopping at weird hours. Thanks to that silly but harmless quirk, other people are now paid for working extra hours despite the bad economy. But this good news somehow spoils your holiday "in some disgusting ways." That's elitist, arrogant nonsense.
@Gunther, the point is that a lot of those people probably don't WANT to work on their holiday, but now they have to if they want to keep their job.
"This Black Friday Shit Has Got to Stop Sometime"

This is what I kept telling myself all last Friday in my bathroom, but it turned out to not be true.
In retail, stores are open on holidays...I worked every holiday for 7 years except Christmas Day. Mind you, I worked in Produce/ Grocery and did not have to work at 5 am the day after thanksgiving for some stupid ass sale on socks. Working until 4 on Thanksgiving wasn't bad and I wish I had those paychecks now! But really who 'wants" to work holidays?
Paul, if you work in retail, you sell stuff when people want to buy it, not when it's convenient for you to open the doors. You do that even if this Black Friday fad seems ridiculous.
If you don't, somebody else will ... and everyone at your store will be one step closer to unemployment.
@Gunther, that's the slippery slope that Wal-Mart's anti-union is built on. No thank you.