Here's the glass-smashin' new video from Portland country purveyors Denver, for their seemingly easy-going track "The Way It Is," from their splendid self-titled debut album. In the video, the Kenton Club is gussied up to look like a rough, rowdy roadhouse—not a huge stretch, I suppose but the chicken wire is a good touch. In glorious slow motion, we see Tom Bevitori lead the band in a rendition of the tune, as all hell breaks loose around them. Tables are crashed, bottles are smashed, drinkers are bashed, and the bar gets trashed. Dalton would be proud—or, actually, probably really disappointed in everybody.

Denver play a Thanksgiving-eve show this Wednesday, November 21 at the Doug Fir. Rowdy good times are guaranteed, but no bottles will be smashed upside the head, so rest easy. But you can expect to still be a little bit hungover when it's time to sit down to turkey. Raymond Byron and the White Freighter and Meridian are also on the bill.