The brainchild of Grandmaster Y.K. Kim (“a modern philosopher, motivational speaker and world-renowned evangelist of the martial arts"), 1987's low-budget action-adventure flick Miami Connection was discovered for $50 on eBay—and is now it's coming to Portland! This Friday and Saturday at 9:30 pm, it'll play at the Hollywood Theatre (4122 NE Sandy), and holy shit you want to see it.

Starring Grandmaster Y.K. Kim and a bunch of his friends, Miami Connection is the epic tale of a bunch of college students... who also happen to be blackbelts in tae kwon do. And who also happen to be roommates. And who also happen to be orphans. (Yes. All of them.) And who also play in a totally kickin' synth-rock band, Dragon Sound! Miami Connection follows these rockin' BFFs as they face off against the scourge of Miami: motorcycle-riding, cocaine-dealing ninjas! They also play songs about how aweome friendship is ("Friends") and how much ninjas suck ("Against the Ninja"). The movie is also fairly violent. The greatest film of all time? Very possible. A film you want to see with a bunch of other people? And beer? Definitely.

So hey! Good for you, because today, tomorrow, and Wednesday I'm going to give away three pairs of tickets to Miami Connection—they're good for either show, both of which the Hollywood's predicting will sell out—and each person who wins a pair of tickets will also get a sweet Dragon Sound t-shirt, courtesy of the fine folks at the Drafthouse Films!


Here's what you need to do to enter to win today's pair of tickets: (1) Email me no later than 2 pm today, (2) make sure you tell me which night (Friday or Saturday) you want to see the movie, and (3) make sure your subject line is "Angelo Jannotti." I'll pick a winner at random (or whoever's email I like best—my call, fuckers!) and email 'em back this afternoon to give 'em the details. Have at.