Sorry to everybody who didn't win tickets to Miami Connection yesterday! Sometimes life just doesn't go how we'd like it to. But when it comes to winning Miami Connection tickets—and unlike your crappy life—you get a second chance! I'm giving away more tickets today, and whoever wins today's pair will also get their very own sleeveless Dragon Sound shirt.

Yesterday I mentioned how Miami Connection—a film in which the blackbelt members of an all-orphan rock band, Dragon Sound, fight cocaine-dealing ninjas—was "fairly violent." What I neglected to mention was that Miami Connection is also a film about friendship. Take, for example, this scene, entitled, "You Don't Scare Me At All, Goodbye."

To enter to win today's pair of tickets, (1) Email me before 2 pm, (2) make sure the subject line of your email is "You don't scare me at all!" and (3) tell me which show you want to go to if you win. Due to "uncontrollable anticipation," the Hollywood's added another show, so you now have three options: This Friday at 9:30, or this Saturday at 7:30 or 9:30. I'll pick a winner around 2 or 3 and email 'em to let them know they've won. And that's it. (These are three very simple directions, and yet: You would be saddened by how many people somehow managed to fuck them up yesterday. Don't be one of those people.)

Oh, and if you don't win today, never fear: I'm giving away one more pair of tickets tomorrow! If you don't win those either, though, then yeah, you're screwed. Then you'll just have to buy tickets like a normal person.