GOPers Finally Coming to Terms With Mitt Romney's Unexpected Defeat


Hey, they stole one in 2000, we stole this one. Even-steven, right?
Even without the "fraud" Obama still wins - 252-206

he would still need 18 of the 80 'fraudulent' votes to win the necessary 270 total votes.
Barack O'Fraudo! Ha! Take that, Barack O'Bamo!
hey I beleive it in PA THe Black panthers were at the voting Stations. They already caught someone in Philly for voting 44 times
I Think Obama Would have still one Across The country but im not so Sure about PA
im not so Sure about PA either hes Been kinda mean to MA Lately
Mr. Chambers is a NUT JOB who should be ignored and will be ignored more and more. Even the average Tea Party voter ought to be able to figure out that you just can't fake thousands of Democratic votes in states like Ohio and Florida that have election officials who are Republicans who are entrusted with certifying the election results. What in fact Mr. Chambers is in saying is that elected Republicans were involed in falsifying votes and electing President Obama. It is time for these elected Republican officials to denounce Mr. Chambers for being a FRAUD!
Goldy virtually no one Politics has any scruples, regardless of their political affiliation. Some are just a little less obvious about it. Also, the election is over, why is this news. I am sure there are people 14 years ago who think Ralph Nadar was robbed of a presidency. Moving on.............